There When We Needed Them

Hello! I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with your Law Firm. I received professionalism and honesty with my case during this tragic time of the loss of my husband. There were many important decisions to make, and the honest guidance from your office helped me make them the best that they could be due to the situation. This was a very hard time with losing a great husband, father, son, brother, uncle, my best friend, and friend to everyone.

My husband was in a fatal motorcycle accident. The staff was very caring, understanding, sincere with sympathy, and was there to listen when I needed someone to talk to, whether it be personal or business. Thanks again, and again for everything!

-B. M. & Kids

Caring & Compassionate

Dorothy and I wish to thank you all so much for the truly personal attention you have given us over the past 18 months. The family stress brought on by my injuries was only compounded be a lawsuit such as ours, and we feel very fortunate to have had such a caring and compassionate team to help us get through these very hard times. I imagine that it is almost always difficult times which propel a person in search of a good lawyer; we are so pleased that our search led us to The Glenn Law Firm.

There are undoubtedly many fine law firms in Texas, but we feel blessed to have had the services of such an honest and dedicated Christian man. We know that no one else could have worked harder or more diligently to assure the best possible outcome for our lawsuit. We will wholeheartedly recommend The Glenn Law Firm to any friends and family who need the services of an outstanding law firm. God Bless you all.


Passionate Representation

I called David Glenn a few years ago when he was recommended to me by a friend. My wife and two daughters had been in a serious car accident and I was attempting to settle with the insurance company.

When I talked to David he listened to our story and told me what he thought the insurance company would do. I was convinced that I could settle our claim without an attorney as I had compiled extensive documentation for the adjustor to review. When I met the insurance adjuster the conversation went exactly as David said it would and they did not even offer us the amount of our medical expenses.

I called David the next day. David's experience and expertise were quite evident as we reached a settlement that was far greater than the amount the insurance company had offered me. You will not find a gentleman more passionate about his work than David Glenn. I highly recommend him, he is the best!

-A. V. Z.

Best Decision I've Ever Made

Hiring David Glenn as my attorney was the best decision I have ever made and I do not say this lightly. I have never seen anyone work as hard as David for his clients. The 2 & 1/2 years I have known him, I can honestly say he had a strict ethical code when it comes to defending his people and he will deliver results. After my husband's accident, David helped me get through some of my darkest days. I have the utmost respect for David and I am proud to claim him as one of my best friends.

-F. & D. B.

A Lawyer & Friend

This note is to tell you how much I thank you for all you and your staff have done. No matter what happens, I know in my heart and mind that you gave me 200%. I could not have asked for a better person, lawyer or friend to take care of me. You will always be dear to me and part of my family.


A True Professional

Thank you David Glenn for all the hard work you put into my daughter’s case. You are a true professional and the best Personal Injury Attorney that I know.  Respectfully, you told me to call you any time if I had questions and that shows that you never take a day off and work to get results for your clients. Thank GOD I was referred to you.


Passionate & Understanding

We have required the services of the Glenn Law Firm for family, business and personal legal issues over a span of 20 years. We continue to use Mr. David Glenn because of his passion and understanding of the law. This is further complimented by his drive to always do the right thing in the best interest of his client.
If you are seeking an attorney with the highest levels of integrity and straight talk you do not need to look any further!

-Hiram H.

Best Lawyer Around

Mr. Glenn is the best Lawyer around and the first one I call. He has represented me in several different cases and always came out on top. Great guy and very respected, he is considered an expert in his trade.

-Kenny W.

Will Fight For What's Right

I've used David in several instances and my family have used David. I have known him for 20 yrs. My family was always put first and was represented with excellent service. He delivers and will fight for what's right. He will always be the first person I call to help with any issues that comes up. Thanks David Glenn.

-Joe S.

Compassionate & Patient

Mr. David Glenn which I now call my dad, was the most compassionate patient person I have ever know. He took time out to counsel me I was hurt really bad and I didn't want to accept the fact that I would never be the same again. I was a basket case in the beginning and had to learn how to do every thing over again, as far as my motor skills and my brain. Although, I have made progress I still have a long way to go.

He was just a phone call away he was always available no matter what the situation was. I can go on but this one thing I know from experience, if you ever need a lawyer that is honest and compassionate towards your situation he will go to battle for you no questions asked. He will leave no stone unturned and will do everything within his reach he can think of in order to achieve what you want. In the difficult weeks ahead, and you will have some, I would like to encourage you to read the book of psalms 91: 5-10. Know this Mr. Glenn will win, like the westerns he get the bad man.

-Elizabeth A.

Highly Recommend

It's hard to believe that an attorney can be that effective and so nice at the same time. He is not afraid of a fight and yet just a teddy bear in the office. He called me back every time I called right away and got me a huge settlement. I cannot say enough good things about Dave and his team. Highly recommend.

-Betsy E.

Deeply Cares

I met David Glenn while we were co-faculty at a program for the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. I was incredibly impressed not just with David's knowledge of the law, but more importantly, the way that he deeply cares for the clients he serves. If I were to need representation in a personal injury matter, I would unquestionably call David for help.

-Keeley B.