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Natasha W.
11:53 10 Nov 21
I was referred to Glenn Law Firm by a friend after being injured and my decision to have them represent me is one of the best I have ever made. Everyone I have communicated with at the law office has been very helpful. The staff is professional, courteous and always answers any questions or concerns I may have. Best injury lawyer!!
Don W.
23:11 03 Nov 21
I was injured when a woman failed to stop for a stop sign. She pulled into the intersection right in front of my motorcycle. To prevent hitting the side of her car, I dropped my bike on the street. The woman stopped her car just long enough to look down at me lying in the street and then drove away.She returned to the scene of the accident with her husband so she could tell her side of the story to the investigating officer. As she was denying any responsibility for the accident, I didn’t even have the name of her insurance provider.I got in touch with The Glenn Law Firm and they handled my case for me. They went right to work and was able to convince the woman’s insurance company that they would have to accept responsibility and cover the motorcycle repairs and for my medical expenses.Thank you Glenn Law Firm. I would recommend your law firm to anyone requiring legal representation.DWW
Carl H.
10:21 01 Nov 21
I called this firm asking for a consultation after a car accident, and they were helpful. I had never dealt with a personal injury case before. They took their time to answer all of my questions and reassured me about the situation. I highly recommend this firm to anyone injured in a car accident who wants to bring a personal injury case.
Katie L.
10:34 29 Oct 21
I'm happy that I found this place. This is the best law firm that understands everything you are going through after the accident. They were excellent, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this Law Firm for any personal injury cases.
Akhtar J.
10:22 27 Oct 21
I would give these guys 6 stars if I could! These guys were absolute professionals and very quick to resolve my claim. I'm so grateful that I found Glenn Law Firm, and I would recommend them to anyone whose currently dealing with this situation.
17:40 01 Sep 21
After a serious motorcycle David and his team went above and beyond to win my lawsuit. They communicated as to the status of the case every step of the way. And not only did they win but they won with the best possible outcome!
Dessie D.
08:54 24 Aug 21
When I first started my claim after my auto acciden I wasn't sure if anything would come of it. But Attorney Glenn and his team were incredible and kept me informed of how it was progressing every step of the way. I ended up being very happy with the outcome and I would recommend them for anything.
Richard F.
11:58 14 Aug 21
I had a few legal questions and the staff at Glenn Law Firm were very professional. They were helpful and pleasant and I was very impressed with them.
Dolores H.
15:00 07 Aug 21
David Glenn is one of the best attorneys I have worked with. Great communication and stays on top of cases. I've always felt that they were prepared and ready to fight. They go above and beyond for their clients.
David M.
14:26 08 Jul 21
Glenn Law Firm contacted me within hours of submitting a case review. Mr. Glenn called and counseled me regarding my question. Thank you!!
Marissa T.
22:38 20 Apr 21
David and Marisol are Rockstars!!! Never gave up on my case no matter how long it took to get the other side to respond.
Teresa D.
21:55 28 Dec 20
Hugh S.
14:08 22 Dec 20
Great experience and very professional. Dave is always there to answer questions and take care of his clients. Hope I don't need to use a lawyer again but if I do it will be Dave Glenn.
rick p
20:21 27 Oct 20
If you are looking for a good lawyer, let me suggest you get in touch withDavid Glenn law firm. I never felt more comfortable than I did with David. ALWAYS answered my calls, but if he was busy or on another line, when David said he would call back at a certain time, David did. I never met David because I live in another city, but from my first conversation with David, I knew David was someone I could trust and had my best interestsin mind. David was ALWAYS very pleasant to speak with. Give David a calland see for your self. If I ever need a lawyer again, David is who I will call.
00:22 28 Jul 20
I am grateful for the expert advice and personal attention I received through Glenn Law Firm. David and his staff were most helpful during a time when I needed someone to defend me. I traveled an hour away from my home city because I believed David was the best attorney for my case. Throughout the process, David and his staff helped bring the stress level down and together we saw my case through from beginning to end. What could have gone away quickly, if I had just settled with my insurance company, turned into me receiving more of what I truly needed as a result of my injuries. The thanks goes to the expertise of this office. They're good people who become good friends. In difficult times like these, sometimes we need others to do the heavy lifting who certainly know better and can take unnecessary weight off our shoulders. Thank you David and all of your staff for getting me through to the other side!
Brittanie W.
17:37 08 Jul 20
David and Marisol were awesome. First time I'd had car wreck that caused injury. David and Marisol took the time to explain the process and walk me through everything step by step. They went above and beyond to get me the fair amount owed to me. They are awesome highly recommend.
kathryn G.
17:36 15 May 20
Mr Glenn is an exceptional lawyer. He listens to your concerns and works hard for an outcome that is suffice to you. My husband hired him to work a case for him and was very pleased with the outcome. We would hire him again depending on the need.Carlos and Kathryn Gomez
David L.
20:40 26 Apr 20
As an attorney who has worked with David Glenn often, I have noticed the honesty, candor and fairness David brings to each legal matter entrusted to him. While some attorneys seem to believe that being uncivil or quarrelsome will get them the result they are seeking, David understands that such tactics rarely work. Always loyal and committed to his clients, David fights for them to get the results they deserve.
Adrian C.
14:10 25 Apr 20
Mr. David Glenn was so professional in handling my case.He was always pleasant to speak with about my case .He stayed in contact with me about my case which was a plus to me .Mr. Glenn got the job done ! A lawyer you can trust to do the work and at the same time care about his clients . Thank you Glenn Law Firm
James D.
02:51 23 Apr 20
David is a dedicated and thorough lawyer. He was able to settle out of court and get the maximum payout from the insurance company. He kept us informed about everything that was happening through the whole process. I really appreciate David and his dedication and integrity.
joe A.
23:37 22 Apr 20
I live in Oklahoma & was injured in Texas. David was very good about keeping in touch & me posted about my law suite. He & his staff or very friendly & helpful. I would recommend him to assist you with your injury claims.
Laura S.
18:24 22 Apr 20
David is a fantastic attorney. He follows through, pays attention to detail, handles clients effectively. He is highly skilled and uses his skills effectively. I was introduced to David blind when I worked with him. He did everything he should have done and was forthright in his actions. I highly recommend David to anyone with a personal injury case.
Nancy C.
17:14 22 Apr 20
David and his office were amazing! His determination is exceptional. Even after years from my injury, David and his office did not give up on me or the truth. I don't regret anything and they always looked after my needs and treatments i needed. I definitely recommend him!Thank you David. You have helped me have my life back and i know the future is beautiful and this fight was worth it!
chris G.
16:46 11 Apr 20
I woke up in a hospital with everything broken. I had been hit by a car while crossing the road. The police gave me a ticket for jwalking and assumed I was responsible for the accident while I was unconscious. After 2 other attorneys refused my case, David took the time to actually listen to my story. This meant so much to me. I was beginning to lose all hope. After hearing my side of the events he took action and found money for my bills and suffering. I nearly cried just upon him accepting the case after being turned away so many times before. The settlement he got me was way more than I had even dreamed of. He restored my faith in the system and in mankind alike. I am forever grateful for his service. Thank you David, so much.
Jake D.
02:24 25 Oct 19
Glenn Law Firm was the first firm I have had to use because of a legal matter I was involved in. David was absolutely professional and fought for me with a better outcome than I could have imagined. He treats people with care and concern, and I felt like I was part of his family during the process. He will do what is best for you while advising you on the best course of action, with all of the options. This firm has full integrity!
Kenny W.
00:05 12 Jun 19
Mr. Glenn is the best Lawyer around and the first one I call. He has represented me in several different cases and always came out on top. Great guy and very respected, he is considered an expert in his trade.
Joe S.
16:28 10 Jun 19
I've used David in several instances and my family have used David. I have known him for 20 yrs. My family was always put first and was represented with excellent service. He delivers and will fight for what's right. He will always be the first person I call to help with any issues that comes up. Thanks David Glenn
Hiram H.
19:09 07 Jun 19
We have required the services of the Glenn Law Firm for family, business and personal legal issues over a span of 20 years.We continue to use Mr. David Glenn because of his passion and understanding of the law. This is further complimented by his drive to always do the right thing in the best interest of his client.If you are seeking an attorney with the highest levels of integrity and straight talk you do not need to look any further!H2
The Dude K
16:10 12 May 19
Elizabeth A.
16:47 23 Apr 19
Mr. David Glenn which I now call my dad, was the most compassionate patient person I have ever know. He took time out to counsel me I was hurt really bad and I didn't want to accept the fact that I would never be the same again. I was a basket case in the beginning and had to learn how to do every thing over again, as far as my motor skills and my brain.Although, I have made progress I still have a long way to go. He was just a phone call away he was always available no matter what the situation was. I can go on but this one thing I know from experience, if you ever need a lawyer that is honest and compassionate towards your situation he will go to battle for you no questions asked.He will leave no stone unturned and will do everything within his reach he can think of in order to achieve what you want. In the difficult weeks ahead, and you will have some I would like to encourage you to read the book of psalms 91: 5-10.Know this Mr. Glenn will win, like the westerns he get the bad man.
Keeley B.
19:27 11 Mar 19
I met David Glenn while we were co-faculty at a program for the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. I was incredibly impressed not just with David's knowledge of the law, but more importantly, the way that he deeply cares for the clients he serves. If I were to need representation in a personal injury matter, I would unquestionably call David for help.
Betsy M.
20:17 18 Dec 18
It's hard to believe that an attorney can be that effective and so nice at the same time. he is not afraid of a fight and yet just a teddy bear in the office. He called me back every time I called right away and got me a huge settlement. I cannot say enough good things about Dave and his team. Highly recommend.
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