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Loss of limb is a traumatic experience with lifelong effects. It is as much a physical and mental trauma, as you feel that a part of yourself is gone and your entire self-image is changed. Your quality of life is diminished and you may be unable to go back to work and enjoy your hobbies. With the exception of rare occurrences, amputations are the result of someone’s fault, either by negligence, malfunctioning equipment, or malicious intent. And you deserve fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

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In our experience as personal injury attorneys, most of our clients lost a limb due to:

  • Traffic accidents: motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents: most frequently, factory workers whose limbs get caught in heavy machinery
  • Medical malpractice: failure to properly diagnose and treat a condition, especially diabetes
  • Premises liability claims: when you suffer an accident on someone’s property.

In certain cases, amputation is required as part of emergency medical care, in order to save a person’s life (in case of infected wounds and gangrene, for instance). In any of these circumstances, the amputation victim should consult with an experienced attorney in order to prepare for filing a personal injury claim.

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Traumatic amputation affects a person at all levels of their life. Loss of self esteem and loss of ability to work are just the tip of the iceberg. Most amputees experience the so-called phantom limb syndrome – pain in the limb that is no longer attached to their body.

You also need to make modifications to your home and your car in order to be able to use them in a wheelchair or with prosthetic limbs. Thus, the effects of an amputation are felt not just by the person who suffered it, but their entire family. As amputation injury lawyers, we believe that you have the right to receive compensation, both for your economic and noneconomic losses.


In the state of Texas, a claimant has a period of 2 (years) to file a claim for any type of injuries suffered by someone else’s fault. There is a special stipulation for malpractice suits in the Civil Practice and Remedies Code, section 74.251(b), which states that “a claimant must bring a health care liability claim not later than 10 years after the date of the act or omission that gives rise to the claim”.

Known as the statute of repose, this stipulation allows victims of malpractice, for instance, diabetic patients, get fair compensation if the effects of the malpractice occur sometimes during the course of treatment.

For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued several warnings concerning the use of SGLT2 inhibitors in the treatment of diabetes, some of these referring to the risk of leg and foot amputations. Patients treated with these types of drugs can file a malpractice suit within a 10-year timeframe after they received the treatment.


The amount of money you may receive as part of out of court settlement or after a personal injury trial depends on many factors, the first of them being the type and extent of amputation injuries you suffered.

A guy in a wheelchair with an amputee's leg in Texas

The categories of major amputations by an increasing degree of severity are as follows:

  • partial foot/hand amputation
  • partial ankle/wrist disarticulation
  • below-knee/below-elbow amputation
  • knee/elbow disarticulation
  • above-knee/above-elbow amputation
  • hip/shoulder disarticulation
  • trans-pelvic disarticulation
  • forequarter amputation.

For each type of injury, you will incur various medical expenses for surgery, recovery, and physical therapy and will require different degrees of assistance with activities of daily living. A dedicated Dallas amputation lawyer will analyze your case with a focus on obtaining compensation for you.

By referencing prior cases we worked on and relying on our knowledge of the law, at Glenn Law Firm we will fight on your behalf with big corporations and insurance companies until justice is served.


We know that an amputation injury claim is successful if it is backed by:

  • irrefutable details about how the injury resulting in amputation took place
  • the extent of medical care and medical bills you incurred
  • the need for specialized medical equipment and prosthetic devices to allow you the independence of moving.

Without professional legal representation, you may not have access to all the documents required to prepare your case file and have no possibility to argue against your employer or an insurer, which will try to minimize your pain, suffering, and lifelong trauma.

An astute Dallas amputation attorney will be able to build a case for subjective damages, that is, your pain and trauma. We know that no amount of money will give you back the enjoyment of life you used to have, but we will ensure that you will be able to live in comfort and with dignity.


The driving force behind Glenn Law Firm is David Glenn, a personal injury attorney who has been practicing since 1982. During his extensive career, David Glenn has assisted many amputation victims, who were trying to find justice and fair compensation for the catastrophic injuries they received by someone else’s fault.

Dallas Amputation Lawyer near me

We know that insurance companies will try to dissuade you from hiring a personal injury lawyer and promise you fair compensation. But during the first days after the traumatic event that will change your life forever, you are vulnerable and unable to correctly estimate the total cost of medical treatment and robotic arms and legs you may require.

A lawyer working for you can make these calculations based on experience and data received from your health care provider. At Glenn Law Firm we fight to win and we do not settle for less than a fair amount.

If you or your loved one suffered traumatic amputation, we are available for a consultation by appointment 24/7: 817-424-5999 or contact us online!